The best thing about eMule Plus is that you are not limited: all that you want to download, can be on your computer in a few moments.

eMule Plus’ search engine completely crawls the network in search of the information that you have requested. Basically, a query is not exhausted when it leaves the PC, it is kept active for a reasonable length of time. What does this mean? This means that the network will exhaust all possibilities for fulfilling your request, to the point of “waiting” (in a figurative sense) for different users to connect to the network in the future, with the chance that the information you requested would be stored on their computers.

At the same time, you are not restricted with regards to the content that you can download: music, videos, photographs, software, etc. However, you are limited in terms of the total file size: the ceiling for a file transfer is 512 GB, a size that is quite difficult to find. The developers of eMule Plus have not, however, put any restrictions on the amount of files that you can transfer. This allows you to literally have all that you want on your PC.

Contrary to other applications that show you what you can and cannot download, eMule Plus does not have these restrictions: if you want a song from your favorite artist, a CD or all their albums, that is totally up to you.

In addition, all the mechanisms and features are automatically configured, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself. What are you waiting for? Download now.

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