These days, users employ different internet services to stay connected with the world. Using this logic, the Web has been transformed into a gigantic vehicle for spreading ideas, while at the same time providing sufficient resources for persons separated by distance to meet, work and play. However, and this is no sercret, the Internet is also an ideal way to share information.

Problems arise though, when the content that is shared infringes upon copyright and property rights laws. This is the moment in which Internet providers (“ISP” – Internet Service Providers) often take part in the matter: firstly, trying to minimize damages to people and the law, and at the same time, trying not to restrict opportunities for clients who are paying for their service.

Thus, many of the companies dedicated to providing connectivity services often decide to block the use of certain applications or protocols. There are various websites which use the HTTP protocol, whereas eMule Plus and many other P2P clients use the domain “eD2K”. For this reason, an ISP can make the decision to not include the eD2K protocol in its service, in order to thwart the development of piracy.

However, the eD2K protocol is independent and cannot be completely blocked by an ISP, since it doesn’t operate via a centralized server. In this way, it is the “peers” who are contacting each other.

eMule Plus helps persons who want to be in contact by stopping the ISP from detecting the operation of eD2K protocol on the local computer. This means that you can browse the web with total freedom and download anything that you want.

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