The files that are downloaded via eMule Plus aren’t there “by magic”, they are the resources that other Internet users share with you. What happens is that either they also use eMule Plus or another application which uses the same protocol. Therefore, the computers can be connected between the two to channel queries and satisfy the mutual requests that they have.

In Internet language a “source” is known as a computer from which the extraction of information is achieved. In the case of eMule Plus, your computer and those of the other users are, at the same time, the origin and destination of files. However, there are certain users who abuse the work of others and take advantage of the largest networks to do their misdeeds or to simply exploit opportunities on the Internet.

For all these reasons, eMule Plus has thought about users and given them the opportunity to manage their sources as best suits them. Thus, when you are downloading information, the program will automatically check for the integrity of your sources. This means that the software will verify that the data packets are complete and that they match security logs. This allows eMule Plus to limit the spread of many types of malicious codes so that your computer would no longer be a victim of viruses and spyware.

When you use eMule, you are not only downloading files: you also have the guarantee that your PC is in good hands.

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