Download Emule Plus Today!

If you are looking for a utility with which you can search the internet for any type of file, then you have come to the right tool.

eMule Plus is an application that is based on the original source code of eMule, but with the difference that it has been modified to better take advantage of the possibilities available on the internet today.

Basically, this program provides better interaction with other “peers” on the network, in such a way that it can block those that are found to be suspicious or “annoying” (for example, those that download more files than they share). It also facilitates relationships with sources to remove from the list those that posess corrupt or imcomplete information.

In this sense, of the applications that are most concerned with security issues, eMule Plus is definitely protecting your personal files.

In addition to having the greatest speeds that can be found, eMule Plus has all that you need.


  • - Bandwidth Optimization.
  • - Block annoying users.
  • - Protocol Obfuscation.
  • - Unlimited quantity of simultaneous downloads.
  • - Ability to download any type of file.
  • - Improved management of sources.
  • - Web Server: ability to manage the application remotely.
Emule plus